Flyer describing vacancy. The same wording is in the announcement.

North Bend School District #13, Board Vacancy

In accordance with North Bend School District Board Policy BBE, vacancies will be filled by Board appointment.

The appointee will serve until June 30, 2025, at which time the individuals elected in May of 2025 will serve the next term. 

To apply for Board Appointment:

  • Complete the “Candidate Application” (link below)

  • Write a Letter of Interest

  • Submit the letter and application by September 27, 2023 to:

  • Candidates will be interviewed and selected at the November 2, 2023 Regular Board Meeting @ NB City Hall, 6 pm. 

Please contact Ms. Brix, Administrative Assistant to the Board, 541.751.6797 with any questions 

Link to the Candidate Information and Application