Picture of Tracy Lang

The North Bend School District is excited to announce Tracy Lang as the new Assistant Principal of North Bend High School.  Tracy holds a degree in Communication and a Masters in Education with an emphasis in Mathematics.  Tracy began her career in education in 2000 and has taught middle school, high school, and students at the university level. 

While in the North Bend School District, Tracy taught high school math; then served as the secondary instructional coach focusing on mathematics.  Tracy was also the district’s Indian Education Coordinator, and led the collaborative stakeholder engagement elements of Oregon Department of Education’s Integrated Guidance initiatives.  This work led the development of the district’s Student Investment Account and High School Success Grants which fund many district improvement efforts. 

Tracy’s work around communication and family engagement are at the core of her foundational beliefs as an administrator, with an awareness that building relationships based on trust will ultimately lead to a culture and climate in which students and staff can thrive.