Picture of Lisa Harnden

The North Bend School District is pleased to announce Lisa Harnden as the district’s new Elementary Assistant Principal.  This position will work with building principals at both Hillcrest and North Bay Elementary Schools providing support and assistance for students struggling with social-emotional learning needs, self-regulation, improving instructional outcomes and supporting academic achievement initiatives. 

Lisa joined North Bend School District as a teacher in 2015.  Since that time, Lisa has become an integral part of the district’s Curriculum and Instruction Department supporting many academic improvement initiatives, including curriculum adoption support and implementation, academic assessments, and behavioral support improvements. 

Over Lisa’s career, she has taught in grades 1-4, served as a team leader, mentor teacher, and a Teacher on Special Assignment in both North Bend School District and with Oregon Institute of Marine Biology.  Lisa also led the development of the OEA Choice Trust Grant to support educator well-being.  Lisa’s diverse background, education, and abilities will make her a wonderful addition to both elementary schools.