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North Bay Vikings participate in “Marathon Madness” on our track during their lunch recess time.  Marathon Madness will take place from Monday, April 3rd through Friday, May 26th.  Students will be asked to walk or run two laps per day.  They may choose to complete more than two per day.  Students will earn prizes for completing a pre-set number of laps.  If you'd like to volunteer to help with Marathon Madness please call the office.

Below is additional information regarding Marathon Madness:

  • Comfortable shoes for walking/running are recommended 
  • Laps will only be completed when weather permits
  • Laps for Marathon Madness are only counted during lunch recess 
  • If your student cannot complete laps, please let your classroom know and we can make alternate arrangements
  • Students are encouraged to compete only with themselves
  • Students can make the choice to run or walk more than two laps
  • Laps are counted and tracked by the classroom teacher

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Marathon Madness Awards

21 laps (3 miles) – 21 CBGs

35 laps (5 miles) – Bracelet

70 laps (10 miles) –Medal

90 laps (1/2 marathon) – T-Shirt

140 laps (20 miles) – Extra Recess

210 laps (30 miles) Pizza Party

350 laps (50 miles) Movie Party

Grades 2-5 Marathon Madness Awards

21 laps (3 miles) – 21 CBGs

49 laps (7 miles) – Bracelet

70 laps (10 miles) – Medal

180 laps (1ST Marathon) – North Bay T-shirt

350 laps (50 miles) – Extra Recess

525 laps (75 miles) – Pizza Party

700 laps (100 miles) – Movie Party

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school.  Marathon Madness has been a very fun event in the past for our students and we are looking forward to watching our students meet their goals!