Tech Help

The following video guides are for staff only. They will assist you with any tech related issues you may have while working at NBSD.

If you would like to request a video tutorial, please feel free to email me.

Adding Printers
Use the following links to add a district printer. Make sure to install the Iprint Client first at the top of the page. If you have troubles you may refer to the following video tutorial - How to add a District Printer
North Bay -
District Office -

NBSD WIreless
Connect to NBSD Wireless

Creating Work Orders
Submitting a Work Order (Schooldude)

Common Issues
Snipping Tool / Image resize (Irfanview)
Phone "Not Registered" or caller can't hear you / Voicemail setup
Can't find your Network Drives or Assignments folder
How to Embed a YouTube video into Word or Powerpoint
Unblock Website Request Form

Google Slide
Staff Technology Presentation - Useful for all staff

DOWNLOADS - Choose save if prompted for all downloads

Flash Player Updates
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Chrome - Flash player is updated when Chrome updates (Typically you will be prompted to relaunch after the update)

Latest Java Version

Larry Docs (If you are a staff member and do not see this share please email me)
This folder contains many video tutorials regarding G Suite as well as our own network infrastructure.