A Guide for Middle School Transition

How and when do I register my upcoming Sixth (6th) Grader?

Online registration will open on August 9th and must be completed by August 27th for the 2021-22 school year. Please visit our website for more information. Student Services will be available beginning Wednesday, August 4th. Please contact Marti McAllister @ 541-751-7285 or mmcallister@nbend.k12.or.us for any questions or to schedule in-person registration.
North Bend School District website http://www.nbend.k12.or.us/
North Bend Middle School website http://www.nbms.nbend.k12.or.us/

When is orientation?

6th Grade orientation will occur on their first day of school which is Wednesday, September 8th. Information will be sent out prior to this date.

Students will get their locker combination at orientation. Students will be assigned a locker partner. Teachers will help students for the first two weeks.

How will my child get caught up after missing so much in-school education?

Teachers will assess academic levels as students return. Review and/or reteaching may occur during class or remediation sessions may be offered to support any learning gaps.

When will my child find out their class schedule?

On the first day of school 6th graders will receive their schedule and learn more about it as this is part of orientation.

Is there a homeroom or advisory class?

Advisory classes are typically held on Wednesdays. A modified schedule will be in place for this day.

What’s the average class size?

There are approximately 32 per class (an overall average of all courses).

How many classes in a day?

This fall there will be seven classes each day approximately 45 minutes long.

How much time between classes?

There are five (5) minutes between each class.

What kinds of classes are there?

Sixth grade core classes will include English/Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, PE/Health. In addition to their core classes, students will be in a rotation of the following one-term classes: Art 6, Intro to Outdoor Education and Technology 6.

Do you dress down for gym class?

Yes, students will need to wear a uniform (gym outfit); one outfit per student is provided and a second set may be purchased.

Is there a recess/playground?

Yes, there is a lunch recess, with a new playground and a gym available during this time.

Do 6th graders have their own wing and schedule apart from 7th and 8th?

Yes, 6th grade classes will primarily be separate from 7th-8th graders. Lunch times will be separate as well.

What’s the cell phone use policy?

There are no cell phones/smart watches used during the school day. ‘AWAY FOR THE DAY’ (turned off by 8:00 am until the end of classes at 3:00 pm). The device will remain in students’ lockers, not allowed on the person. It will be removed and taken to the office if a student is found violating the rule; 1st offense, pick up at the end of the day, any time after that an adult family member will have to pick it up from the office.

What’s the tardy policy?

When late to class (bell has rung) without a valid excuse, you are ‘tardy’. After the first two weeks of school, a student who is tardy will have detention.

What are the extra-curricular activities available to sixth graders?

Options include cross country, wrestling, and a variety of clubs that occur at lunch and/or after school.

How can families be involved?

  • ParentVUE information is available at registration and open house or you can contact the front office at 541-756-8341 to get signed up.

  • ParentVUE allows a parent/guardian to access attendance, assignments, and class grades and is useful for understanding assignment impact
    on grades and credit impact. In addition, families have access to teacher contact information and email links.

  • PTO (Parent, Teacher Organization) works as a partnership to provide opportunities for students.

What is GPA?

GPA stands for Grade Point Average. Your GPA is figured at the end of each grading period. The cumulative grade point average is the average of all grades earned in a term. The GPA is determined by adding all grade points earned and dividing by the number of classes. Grades are worth: A = 4 points, B = 3 points, C = 2 points, F = 0 point THERE ARE NO ‘D’s at the middle and high school level. Students need a ‘C’ or better to pass a class.

What happens if I fail a class?

Students who fail a class may need to make it up through a credit recovery class or after school. This would be intended only for core classes (ELA, Math, S.S. and/or Science).