A Guide for High School Transition

Is there any sort of freshman “initiation”?

  • Initiation or hazing is not permitted at North Bend High School. In the event that your child is involved in these activities, please contact the school at 541-756-8328.

  • Induction occurs at Bulldog Day. Students learn the structures and routines of the high school.

What does a typical day at the high school look like? What will my schedule be like?

7 periods starting at 8:00 and ending at 3:10 (2:10 on Wednesdays), open campus lunch, 5 minute passing time between classes except for one 10 minute break after 2nd period.

Will I have lots of homework in HS?

Homework assignments are determined by the teacher.

Will my classes be much harder than my middle school classes were?

Academic rigor is intended to increase with every year to prepare students for postsecondary life.

What do grades/credits mean?

  • What are credits? How many credits do I have to earn to graduate from HS? How many credits do I have to earn during my freshman year?

Credits are awarded for passing grades in classes - a passing grade is considered a 70% or higher. Each class is worth one credit. In order to graduate high school with a standard diploma, students will need to achieve at least 74 credits. Each year, students will have an opportunity to earn a total of 21 credits (7 classes, 3 terms).

  • What is GPA?

GPA stands for Grade Point Average. Your GPA is figured at the end of each grading period. The cumulative grade point average is the average of all grades earned in high school. The Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) is an important factor in the college admissions process, although colleges look carefully at the quality of a student’s academic program as well as GPA. The GPA is determined by adding all grade points earned and dividing by the number of graded credits. Grades are worth: A = 4 points, B = 3 points, C = 2 points, F = 0 points

  • What happens if I fail a class?

Students who fail a class may need to make up the credit through our Credit Recovery class. This class is intended only for core classes and requires the student to retake the class in a virtual format under supervision of a teacher. The Credit Recovery class is part of the student’s schedule but is not worth any credit. If the student passes the cumulative exam at the end of their virtual course, they will receive credit for the class. A failed class reflects poorly on your transcript and cannot be removed. If a student fails an elective, they will have ample opportunities to earn a replacement credit in their high school career.

What is an honors diploma? How do I get on track for an honors diploma?

The honors diploma is an opportunity created by NBHS for students seeking to add rigor to their academic careers. Students interested in acquiring the honors diploma will not only need to excel in academics, but also be an active member at the high school via extra-curricular activities and/or clubs as well as involvement in school sponsored community service. These requirements can be met in a variety of ways as reflected in the table on page 18 of the Curriculum Guide. If interested, please make an appointment to discuss the possibility with your school counselor. An application for the Honors Diploma can be found in the main office.

How do I join a club?

Students interested in joining a club should pay attention to the morning announcements to determine when and where clubs meet. If you are interested in trying a club out, join them during a meeting! No commitment necessary, you can leave or join a club at any time.

How much time is there between classes? (Will I have time to use the restroom?)

Students will have 5 minutes passing time between classes with the exception of a 10 minute break after 2nd period. There will be enough time to use the restroom and a quick locker stop during breaks if time is used wisely. NBHS campus is not a large campus and you can get most places in a moment or two.

What happens if I’m late to class? (What if I can’t open my locker? What if I can’t find my class?)

If you are late to class without a signed pass from the front office or another staff member, your teacher will mark an unexcused tardy. If you are having trouble with your locker, please stop by the front office to get assistance. If you struggle to find your classes in the first days, do not fret. Ask another student passing by where it is, your peers are friendly and happy to help! If you would rather ask a staff member, stop by the front office or student services and we will have an aide take you to your classroom. If you are late to class, go to the front office to get a tardy slip before going to class.

What happens during lunch time? Where do I get my lunch? Where can I eat? Can freshmen leave campus during lunch?

Students have about 35 minutes for lunch. Lunch is open campus, anyone can leave. Students are expected to be on time to their class following lunch. Lunch is available daily in the cafeteria as well - students may eat their lunch in the cafeteria, in the hallways, or in the courtyard on campus.

Can I use my cellphone in class? In the hallway between classes?

Electronic devices shall be turned off during class time or at any other time where such use of the device would cause a disruption of school activities, as deemed by the classroom teachers and/or administration. Cell phone use is permitted in the hallways between classes.

Who do I talk to if I have a conflict with a peer/classmate?

  • An administrator: Principal, Vice Principal, or Athletics Director

  • Your Counselor: Rob Patrick for last names A-K or Taileigh Prickett for last names L-Z

How do I talk to a teacher if I have questions?

Teachers are on campus by 7:45am for before school support and until 3:45pm for after school support. Some teachers allow students in their classroom for additional support during lunch, however, this is not universally practiced.

How do I take college courses?

College courses are offered to juniors and seniors. College courses are offered at the high school campus as well as online or on campus at Southwestern Oregon Community College. Directions for applying for a college course can be found in the High School Curriculum Bulletin.

How can families best support their student’s success?

Be involved through use of: StudentVUE/ParentVUE, attendance monitoring, reaching out to staff when questions arise, ask your student what they learned in specific classes “What did you learn in ….?”, encouraging your student to email questions to their teacher / self-advocate, and being intentional about managing your student’s social media presence.

How can families be involved at the high school?

  • Aspire/Nagger program - fill out volunteer application and reach out to Ginny Prickett

  • Sign up for the daily announcements email from the HS - contact kcook@nbend.k12.or.us

  • Site council participation - contact NBHS administration at kblack@nbend.k12.or.us

  • Booster club meetings - Wednesday’s at noon - contact kcook@nbend.k12.or.us

How can I access ParentVue? What information will ParentVue provide?

  • ParentVUE information is available at registration and open house or you can contact mdubisar@nbend.k12.or.us or 541-751-7183 to get signed up.

  • ParentVUE allows a parent to access attendance, assignments, and class grades and is useful for understanding assignment impact on grades and credit impact. In addition, parents have access to teacher contact information and email links.

What is the role of Student Services?

Student services supports academic, social emotional, and career related questions and concerns for students and their families. Student services also supports medical needs.

What opportunities are there to visit school before school starts?

Bulldog day which is the first day for Freshmen and open house which occurs early in the school year.

What does the first day of school for freshmen (“Bulldog Day”) look like?

Bulldog day is an opportunity for incoming freshmen to transition to the HS level. Students get an opportunity to: participate in games and activities, meet integral staff, get a campus tour in small groups, receive their schedules for term 1, do a mock schedule to meet their teachers and run through the “bell schedule”. Bulldog day is a half-day, lunch is provided, and no other students are on site.

Are students required to remain on campus during the school day? (lunch)

  • Lunch is open campus, students are expected to be in their classes on time after lunch.

  • Seniors have the opportunity to take one off-campus course per term assuming other graduation requirements have been met.

What do I need to know about busing?

Same bus support as middle school, currently no activity busing available but this is being reviewed.

How do I contact school staff?

  • Who do I call if my student is absent? Attendance secretary Kim Cox @ 541-751-7182 kcox@nbend.k12.or.us

  • Who do I call……main office for all the things 541-756-8328, website, ParentVUE